PEOPLe & places that inspire us

Joel Salatin - innovative ecological farming entrepreneur, founder of Polyface farm, farm educator.

Enst Gotsch - transformed a denuded piece of land into an incredible syntropic farm.

John Seymour - father of the self-sufficiency movement, prolific author writing many inspiring books about managing a small-holding.

Michael Pollan - author of several influential books about food ethics, history and systems.

Alice Waters - chef, restauranteur, owner of Chez Panisse, food activist, pioneer of organics and local food movement in the USA.

Anita Roddick - founder of The Body Shop, an originator of the ethical business movement, dedicated to pursuing social and environmental change.

Hugh-Fernleigh Whittingstall - popularised the notion of food sustainability & understanding where food comes from with his show River Cottage.

Stephanie Alexander, Ottolenghi, Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray, Fergus Henderson - our foodie inspirations (we could name heaps more)!

Daylesford Organic UK - incredibly beautiful organic farm and four associated farm shop/cafes (including one on-farm), strong level of vertical integration, dedicated to sustainability and ethical production through its supply chain, farming organically for over 30 years.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns - absolutely amazing farm, restaurant and food education centre just North of New York City established in 2000, dedicated to creating a more sustainable food system by developing and teaching people better farming practices and eating habits.

Taranaki Farm - wonderful farm in Victoria that practices and promotes ethical animal husbandry and regenerative farming; bring people onto their farm for tours and a farm-shop to direct-sell their meat and eggs. We visited them in 2017.

Gabalah Syntropic Farm - truly dedicated and progressive farm at the forefront of the Syntropic farming movement in Australia, we attended a workshop there with Namaste Messerschmidt from Brazil in October 2018.