revel in nature. enjoy its bounty. support its preservation.

A small farm, 10 minutes from Bangalow in the Byron Bay Hinterland, Frida’s Field is establishing a space to host paddock-to-plate dining experiences.

The property’s fertile river-flats and gentle knoll are covered in lush pasture and dotted with towering trees whose bending limbs call to be climbed.  Originally earmarked as a nature reserve, remnants of the ancient Big Scrub rainforest still grow on the banks of the the Byron Creek and Wilson River which form the boundaries of the property. As one of Nashua’s original dairy farms, the property has a vibrant history and has served as a well-loved community gathering space for over 100 years. Rich volcanic soil and a favourable climate make it the perfect place to grow a wide variety of good food - that is, food grown completely naturally, in well-nurtured soil, with varieties chosen purely for flavour, and picked at the height of the season.

Our goal is to create a farm that builds healthy soils and develops biodiversity. We’ll establish a forest-like ecosystem which integrates plants and animals. Through this, we’ll produce delicious, wholesome food that we can share directly with others.  

Frida's Field Regenerative Agriculture Byron Bay Hinterland Farm


We are excited to be part of a new movement that is revolutionising agriculture around the globe.  People are realising that regenerative farming practices can be used to actively reverse environmental degradation while producing food that is more natural, flavourful and nutritious.


What’s happening?

From cell-grazing cattle, to building a new restaurant space, creating a market garden, and establishing a food forest - there’s always lots going on. If you’re curious about what we’re up to and how we’re tracking with achieving our vision, we’ll be sharing our stories, any useful ideas we pick up, and the lessons we learn along the way.

Frida's Field Farming Byron Bay Hinterland


Come plant trees, harvest peas, enjoy a meal! There’s lots of ways you can get involved with Frida’s Field. We’re on the look out for like-minded people to work with; we see collaboration as key; and we’ll be opening for business from next year. Any profits we make will be re-invested in building this regenerative farm system.